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IRV - Life Group Leader Application

Life Groups leaders play a crucial role in the life of our church. They are on the frontlines of ministry, impacting Orange County and beyond with the transformational love of Jesus. They are shepherds to the groups they lead, cultivating and creating environments of spiritual growth and mobilizing members to lifestyles of service.

If you are a Rooted graduate and are interested in leading a Life Group please fill out this application and someone from our team will contact you shortly. Thanks for your interest!
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*Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)::
*Marital Status:
*Which campus do you attend:
*Approximately what month/year did you make Mariners your home church?:
*What month/year did you complete Rooted, and who was your leader?:
*Have you ever been in a Life Group before?:
*Have you ever been baptized? If Yes, what church (affiliation) and when (month/year)?:
*When and how did you become a Christian?:
*Describe your relationship with God?:
*Why do you feel called to lead a Life Group? What vision has The Lord given you about the group you might lead?:
*As Christian leaders, we are called to live above reproach, how do you live that out in your life?
(Please refer to Standards and Commitments section of the Leadership Commitment) :
*Reference 1 (Mariners Staff/Pastor/Leader)
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Reference 2 (Ministry/Professional)
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Reference 3 (Ministry/Professional/Friend)
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*Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? Is Yes, you MUST answer the following question or your application will not be processed. :
*If you answered NO to "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?" then please type N/A.
If you answered YES then please explain the situation and what steps you have taken to overcome or minimize the impact that those issues may create for you both now and in the future:

By clicking SUBMIT, I am committing to serve on the Life Group Ministry Team for 1 full year as of today's date to the best of my ability, with integrity and faithfulness to God, in unity with my Mariners Church family and on His mission in the world.