Worship Auditions Application

We are looking for seasoned musicians who play an instrument and vocalists of any ability (whether your experience is in the shower, the choir or the platform!) to join our growing Worship Community.

*Date of Birth:
Which area(s) you interested in volunteering for?:
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*What Congregation do you attend?:
*How long have you attended Mariners?:
*Have you completed Rooted?:
*Are you currently serving in other ministries at Mariners?:
*If you are not chosen for worship, are there other ministries you are looking to serve in?:
*What is your PRIMARY instrument or vocal part?:
If you have selected Other, please specify here:
*Describe what training and/or experience you have in music/worship:
*How long have you been playing/singing?:
*Who are the bands/singers that have influenced you?:
Do you read music?
Please indicate which form(s) of music you are able to read
*Describe your relationship with Christ:
*Describe the impact of worship on your life:
*Is there anything else you would like us to know?:
*We require all Worship Team members to complete a Live Scan. If you are asked to join the team would you be willing to complete this requirement?: