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Lost Canyon Volunteer Interest

Lost Canyon is our week long summer camp that we put on every year in Williams, Arizona. We need volunteers like YOU to help pull it all off! Whether you've served with us before or not, we'd love for you to consider joining us as we serve & love on high school students.

Volunteers at Lost Canyon will co-lead cabins of 8-12 students, facilitate deep conversations in cabin times, lead the way in fun and excitement at meals and rec-games, and ultimately point students toward the heart of Jesus. We are amazed at what God does every year in just a week at camp and its through volunteers like you that God changes the lives of students.

8/6/2019 @ 12:00 PM
High School

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Additional Information

All Volunteers at Lost Canyon will be assisting by leading cabins and groups of students; however, we also have a need for volunteers in the other aspects of camp.
Those other areas of assistance include:

-Operations: All things prepping for lost canyon including registration and check-in support

-Chapel: At camp we will meet for chapel 2ce a day. Volunteers are needed to assist with MCing, greeting students, and preparing the necessary supplies for chapels.

-Meals: During every meal volunteers will assist with MCing, organizing and running games, & praying before the meal.

-Recreation: Rec is a huge part of camp and an area of greatest need. Volunteers will help with set-up, troubleshooting, and tear down of rec.

-Late-Night: every evening after cabin time, students gather all together for a skit, fun games, & snacks. We would love for volunteers to be involved in MCing, play roles in the skit, etc.

If you would like to assist in one of these other ares, please designate below which interests you most: (optional) :
Nolan from the HSM team will reach out to you shortly about any next steps that you need to take to confirm your leading at camp. :