HB - Childrens Volunteer Application (ADULT)

We believe serving re-shapes us into the person God wants us to be as we use our gifts and talents to impact the world around us and making a spiritual impact on the next generation. There are many fun and rewarding ways to volunteer in Children’s Ministry. Leading a small group, greeting families, checking-in kids and volunteers, helping in a classroom, teaching or providing support during the week are a few of the ways you can serve. Parents, it is our desire that you pursue an active role in your child’s spiritual growth, intentionally taking the opportunity to influence your child’s faith as well as model the importance of serving. We encourage parents to volunteer in your child’s classroom at least once a month. Training for volunteers is provided and scheduling is flexible. If you want to find the right serving opportunity please email dhodgkins@marinerschurch.org


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To volunteer with Mariners Kids, we require 3 references, their contact information and relationship to you. One of your references should be a church reference. Please do not list family members. 
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Our goal is to maintain the highest standards in order to protect both the volunteers and the children. To prevent allegations of child abuse or the actual occurrence of child abuse, all volunteers are to follow Mariners Kids guidelines. Anyone who works with children at Mariners Church is subject to the supervision and evaluation of the Mariners Church staff. In order to maintain this goal, the Mariners Church staff reserves the right to dismiss volunteers who fail to follow the Policies and Guidelines. 

Every child should be properly checked in by the parents. Claim tags will be given to the parent. No child may be released without the child’s claim tag or proper parent photo identification. Children with runny noses, fever, pink or draining eyes should not be admitted into the classroom. 

No volunteer may be alone with a child at any time. There must be a minimum of two adult volunteers or the combination of three volunteers/staff, one being an adult, in each classroom at any time. If the two individuals serving in a room are related to one another, a third unrelated volunteer or staff must be present. A proper volunteer to child ratio will be maintained in the Early Childhood area for safety. A staff person may close a room when necessary to keep safe ratios. 

All adult volunteers must be have a cleared background check in order to serve, complete the application process, be approved by the Mariners Kid’s Staff and must wear identification name tags. Fourth and fifth grade students need to complete a junior leader training program before volunteering. Sixth-twelfth graders need to complete a Student Volunteer application.