HB - Youth Ministry Volunteer Application

*Date of birth:
*Marital Status:
*Work Status:
*Grade (write n/a if not applicable):
*Current High School, College, or Trade School Name (write n/a if not applicable):
*Youth area of interest:

*Write a brief testimony of how (and when) you became a Christian.:
*What does your daily and weekly spiritual journey look like right now?:
*What spiritual accountability do you currently have in your life? How are you connected to other believers?:
*What people and/or experiences have been most significant in your growth as a Christian?:
*How long have you attended Mariners Church?:
*Have you been baptized?:
*Have you attended Rooted?:

*List your ministry experiences - ministry, date started, date ended, and reason (write n/a if not applicable):
*Why are you interested in serving students at Mariners Church?:
*What are your spiritual gifts, and how would you like to use them in youth ministry? (If you aren't sure, that's ok! Write n/a):
*What do you like to do in your free time? What are some things you're passionate about?:

Due to the fact that this leadership position is in close contact with students, we need 3, non-family, personal references that you have known for at least 2 years. You must provide an email address for every reference. 

Reference 1
*Reference 1 Name:
*Reference 1 Email:
*Reference 1 Mobile Phone:
*Reference 1 Relationship:

Reference 2
*Reference 2 Name:
*Reference 2 Email:
*Reference 2 Mobile Phone:
*Reference 2 Relationship:

Reference 3
*Reference 3 Name:
*Reference 3 Email:
*Reference 3 Mobile Phone:
*Reference 3 Relationship:

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