The Well Intake Online

The Well is a free hour-long, private, immersive prayer experience for those who call Mariners Church their home. This session is guided by a caring team that is experienced in hearing God's voice.Jesus stopped to have a conversation with a Samaritan woman at the well, letting her know she was intimately known and loved by Him. During The Well, your team will lovingly listen for, discern, and communicate what they feel God is showing them about the restoration of your identity and life, to help you walk in greater freedom and fullness. Find encouragement, strengthening, and comfort through His healing words.

These appointments will be conducted online via zoom, phone conference etc.  A Prayer Team Leader will contact you to determine the best platform.  

*What Mariners Church campus do you attend?:
*Please describe, in detail, why you would like to receive immersive prayer:
*Do you have a preference for an all-female or all-male team?:
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