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IRV - Junior High Ministry Volunteer Application

  • WEEKEND VOLUNTEERS -  Come hang out and build relationships at our weekend services. Hang out in the lounge with students before and after the service, help students get connected and involved during the service, or assist with weekend production.
  • LIFE GROUP LEADERS - Help students connect with God and each other by facilitating discussions, praying and sharing life together. There are small groups for both junior high and high school students that meet during the week.
  • WELCOME CENTER - Greet each student as they come into JHM. Welcome new students and get their contact information. Spend time hanging out and growing in relationship with the students. Sell snacks and JHM swag.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS LEADER- Be a one-on-one buddy to help a special needs student and their family connect in our ministry during weekend services and special events.


Junior High
IRV - JHM Volunteer Background Check

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Are you a student, if so what school?:
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*Are you in a Life Group?:
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*Write a brief testimony about how you became a Christian:
*What accountability do you currently have in your spiritual journey?:
*Why are you interested in serving with students at Mariners Church?:
List any special talents, training, and your spiritual gifts. How do envision them being utilized in ministry?:
What other ministries and/or organizations have you been involved with? (Both at Mariners Church and outside of the church):
*What anxieties or fears (if any) do you have about being a leader on the Student Ministries Team?:
*How would you explain the Gospel to a student?:
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To volunteer with JHM, we require 3 references, their contact information and relationship to you. One of the references should be a church reference. Please do not list family members.
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*Reference 2
Full Name, Relationship to you, Phone Number, and Email :
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