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IRV - High School Ministry Volunteer Application

  • WEEKEND VOLUNTEERS -  Come hang out and build relationships at our weekend services. Answer questions at the info booth, help students get connected and involved during the service, or assisting with weekend production.
  • WEEKDAY OFFICE VOLUNTEERS - Get in behind the scenes and jump into some office fun with the Student Ministries staff.
  • SMALL GROUP LEADERS - Help students connect with God and each other by facilitating discussions, praying and sharing life together. There are small groups for both junior high and high school students.
  • TRIPS & EVENTS - From summer and winter camps to serving in Mexico, we have a variety of trips to get involved in - not to mention a ton of amazing local events!


High School
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*What accountability do you currently have in your spiritual journey?:
*Why are you interested in serving with students at Mariners Church?:
List any special talents, training, and your spiritual gifts. How do envision them being utilized in ministry?:
What other ministries and/or organizations have you been involved with? (Both at Mariners Church and outside of the church):
*What anxieties or fears (if any) do you have about being a leader on the Student Ministries Team?:
*How would you explain the Gospel to a student?:
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To volunteer with HSM, we require 3 references, their contact information, and relationship to you. One of your references should be a church reference. Please do not list family members.
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