IR Prayer Team Volunteer Application

The Mariners Church Prayer Team is a diverse community devoted to relationship with God and prayer for people across many ministries. We believe that all Christians all called to pray; it’s how we experience intimate relationship with God and is essential for fulfilling his purposes, individually and as a church. If you have completed Rooted and have a passion for, or interest in, prayer, we would love for you to come and serve with us! You will see God doing amazing things!! There is always opportunity to serve on some of our larger teams.

The Wall – our up front, hands on team praying for people after every service (Prayer Team Orientation required)

The Watch – our intercessory prayer team fielding prayer requests from across our body and world (Prayer Team Orientation required)

The Well – immersive prayer teams specializing in deeper healing sessions by appointment (Prayer Team Orientation required, interview, prior experience or training necessary)

The prayer team meets quarterly for training, equipping and fellowship, and is active in many additional groups and venues across the body. Come and be part of the house of prayer Jesus is building at Mariners!

*Date of Birth:
*What campus do you attend?:
*How long have you attended Mariners Church?:
*Have you completed Rooted?:
*Briefly describe your relationship with Jesus and how long you have known Him:
*Please describe why you'd like to volunteer in the Prayer Ministry:
*Do you have prior prayer team experience or training? If so, please describe:

You must be willing to provide a references that are familiar with your ministry/volunteer experience. Your reference should be either a Mariners Pastor, Rooted Leader, Ministry Leader, or Prayer Team Member.
*Reference Full Name::
*Reference Relationship to Applicant::
*Reference Phone Number::
*Reference Email::
*Which part of the prayer team are you interest in (explained in the description above)?:
*Do you have any physical limitations or illnesses we should be aware of?:
*Are there any issues or concerns that might have a negative impact on your involvement with the Prayer Ministry (i.e. abuse of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, pornography, inappropriate relationships, etc)?: