International Student Host Volunteer Application

Additional Information

This is an application for you and your family to apply to host our International Students for the holidays (ie. Thanksgiving/Christmas) or special occasions. Once you apply and go through the necessary background check requirement, we will reach out to you when the ministry would like to ask you and your family's availability for upcoming holidays and follow up with you with regards to hosting a small group of student's in your home! 

Thank you!
*Your Date of Birth:
*Marital Status:
*What campus do you attend?:
*How long have you been at Mariners:
*Have you completed Rooted:
*Are you in a Life Group:
*Are you bilingual:
If so, what languages do you speak:
*Please provide a brief testimony :
*Why are you interested in serving with the International Student Ministry:
*Are you involved in any other ministries/organizations (Inside & Outside Mariners):
If so, which ministries/organizations and for how long?:
*How many students can you host? (minimum of 2):
*Are you able to provide transportation to the students:
Pastoral References 
*1st Reference Name:
*1st Reference Email:
*1st Reference Phone Number:
*Relationship of 1st Reference:
*How long have you known 1st Reference: