Kenya - Pastor Oscar Muriu

How can we pray for the country? Thank God for the slow but sure transformation taking place in Kenya vis-à-vis the reining in of rampant corruption in the political and ruling class. The president is committed and has determined to make this part of his legacy, and it is happening. How can we pray for your church/ministries? To date, the government has not allowed us to build on the new church property we bought 19 years ago.Pray that God would open doors for us and secure our right to build the church on this land. How can we pray for you as our partner, for your family and for your team? Our goal had been to plant 300 churches by 2020 and so far we’ve planted 220 churches. Pray for wisdom for me as I lead this charge to the finish line, and pray for wisdom to establish systems and structures to organize the 100 churches that presently gather under Nairobi Chapel’s name.