Bridges International P70

70-day (10-week) project with the purpose of reaching international students with the love of Jesus. P70 is a fun and enriching cross-cultural experience! Local families or hosts will be paired up with two students at UCI. During the 10-week school term participants will be involved in intentional relationships through various activities. The program re-starts quarterly with new students (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct). Background check required.

Additional Information

*What church/Mariners congregation are you currently attending?:
*How long have you been attending?:
*Personal reference (for instance a pastor or other church or small group leader who knows you) Name/Email/phone::
*Tell us why you are interested in & want to participate in P70:
*Which Schools' International Students would you be willing to be with? (Check all that apply):
If, Other (please specify):
*Preferred Gender:
Tell us if you have a preferred country/region/language type student you wish to host. We will try to match this but cannot guarantee it.: