LCC Volunteer Application Fall 2020

Serve with us at one of our Lighthouse Community Centers!

*Your Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
What campus do you attend:
How long have you attended Mariners:
*Occupation and Employer:
Are you a student? If so, what school?:
Have you completed Rooted:
Are you in a Life Group:
Are you able to speak in multiple languages? If so, which ones?:
*Write a brief testimony about how you became a Christian:
Why are you interested in serving with Lighthouse Community Centers:
List any special talents, training and your spiritual gifts. How do you envision them being utilized in ministry:
What other ministries and/or organizations have you been involved with and for how long? (Both at Mariners Church and outside of the church):
*It is our desire that the lives of our leaders be a model to the students in our ministry. Are there any issues or concerns that might have a negative impact on your involvement with our students (i.e. abuse of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, pornography, inappropriate relationships, etc)?:
Please provide usernames/URL/addresses of all social media accounts (twitter, instagram, facebook, blog):
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Availability (check all that apply)
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After School Enrichment Program (K-6th Grade, 3-5p)
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Teen (6th - 12th grade)
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Adult (18 + years old) 
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